Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vintage 45 Record Sleeves

(Above) The design for this 1960s A&M record sleeve uses a dynamic graphic of typographic circles.
(Above) COED Records. Maybe the designer put to use some extra registration marks for the brand.
(Above) This sleeve uses a bold, Pac Man-like font for this Columbia Records sleeve.
(Above) An early UK Capitol Records sleeve from the 1950s.
(Above) Great use of the center die cut for this A&M Record’s sleeve.
(Above) This 1-color record sleeve for Capitol Records rocks with the use of red ink on the brown paper.
(Above) Columbia Records: here’s a very fun all-over pattern.
(Above) Columbia Records of Canada: here’s a fun b&w pattern. Note the innovative perforated corner for record number and price.
(Above) The colors and font for this Cotillion Record Company sleeve (1969 -73) would be a hit with the Goth crowd today.
(Above) Remember when Op art was the rage? Atlantic company sleeve. (1963 - 67)

THE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THE INTERNET is that it puts people like you and me in touch with an untold number collectors, collections, and information. It doesn’t matter how odd or how obscure, somebody has digitized their particular obsession for our perusal.
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Anonymous said...

very cool design...Gary

Larry the Artist said...

Looks like it would have been a fun project to work on.

Patricia said...

This posting evokes so many memories!

joel. said...

these are great. thank you.

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