Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stolen 1969 Claes Oldenburg Sculpture Recovered

This early pop art sculpture by Oldenburg was found to be in relatively good condition, minus a few sesame seeds.
THE LEGAB MUSEUM NEAR BOSTON IS DELIGHTED TO HAVE RECOVERED A LONG MISSING CLAES OLDENBURG SCULPTURE that was stolen from the museum in 1969. Curator April Phulle of the Contemporary Collection says the piece was recovered from a bagel shop in St. Louis, where locals enjoyed the piece for the last 40 years thinking it just another cheap, plaster window display.

Giant Visual Prop “Bagel”*
Giant 3-dimensional point of purchase display from defunct bagel factory. Of the sesame variety.
* availability for sale not guaranteed at this time.


Light restoration needed to a couple of “seeds.”

height: 4 ft. 7 in.
depth: 1 ft.
width/length: 3 ft.
Materials/Techniques: Plaster, fibers, metal, wood base
Creator: Unknown

890 Valencia St.
San Francisco
CA, 94110
Phone: 415-647-4211


Maritza Gulin said...

I was going to suggest that if they loved their bagel that much, I could make them another one with a schmear of lox!

Larry the Artist said...

Recovered in St. Louis? Really? Wow, we might know much about art, but apparently we know a good bagel when we see one.

Diana said...

Really? It seems a joke...

John Foster said...

April Fool!

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