Friday, April 17, 2009

Alex Trochut: More is More

(Above) Cover design for the Taiwan magazine Xfuns, where Trochut hid the words “type” and “soul.”
(Above) Typographic illustration (and poster) for LA art magazine
(Above) Detail of above.
(Above) Slipmad design for Trust Nobody Gallery in Barcelona.
(Above) Cover illustration for KULT Magazine.
(Above) Illustration for the Estrella Damm calendar. Art director: Vilar Rosas.
(Above) Proposal for Cadbury’s print campaign.
(Above) Typographic illustration for the cover of the Spanish magazine étapes.
(Above) Videotape ribbon logo for Motion and Interactive Studio DVEIN.

THERE’S A LOT OF DISCUSSION AND RECOGNITION ABOUT SPANISH DESIGN today. And for good reason. Graphic design, industrial design and architecture is red hot, highly conceptual and innovative. Designers like Nani Marquina, Francesc Rifé and Alex Trochut are just a few individuals within this design vanguard.

Twenty-seven year old Alex Trochut of Barcelona is the grandson of Joan Trochut, a well-known mid-century typography designer. Alex has a client list as deep as his imagination, and his work is personified by lively, colorful, metamorphic, reflective, dripping and overlapping forms. His influences emerge through a keen understanding of popular culture, fine artists and kitsch. The result is a sexy and scrumptious blend of illustrative typography that is used and appreciated worldwide.

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Anonymous said...

Great lettering, a lost form of graphic expression like Moscoso, Rick Griffin, ...Gary

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