Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Clowns Are Evil

(Above) Does this child look happy? I think not.

COULROPHOBIA IS AN ABNORMAL OR EXAGGERATED fear of clowns. I can understand how someone has such a phobia, especially with photographs like these. Psycho killer John Wayne Gacy was a clown by day at kid’s birthday parties. In the evening, he killed young boys and buried them under his house. Let’s face it—clowns are creepy.

These snapshots are from my personal collection.


marcc said...

this is nice stuff. i hate clowns.

Maureen said...

The third one down, with the hoop, what is he doing? Creepy indeed, the one with the chain and the candle, OMG!

Tattered and Lost said...

These are wonderful! There really is an odd psychology to clowns. As a very little kid I liked them. I liked the noise and the colors. And then I went to the Bozo tv show with my Brownie troop. We were standing in the foyer and as usual I sort of wandered off. I looked down a hallway and there came Bozo smoking a cigarette. I was stunned. He looked unhappy as he put out the cig in an ashtray then continued down the hall to where I was standing. Suddenly he turned into BOZO THE CLOWN right in front of me, but I was now suspicious and have been ever since. There's something creepy about forced happiness under a ton of makeup.

Larry the Artist said...

A friend of a friend once had his picture taken, as a child, sitting on the lap of the Three Stooges. He looked terrified because he said he was afraid they would start slapping him or poking him in the eye like they did with each other on their show.

kumke said...

If I had been Indiana Jones, I would have said, "Clowns! Why did it have to be clowns!!!"

Patricia said...

I remember taking my son to the Big Apple Circus when he was tiny. He he was panic stricken when he saw clowns. We had to leave.

Years ago I met the most delicious man named Chappie Fox, the former directer of The Circus World Museum. He was a champion of all things circus especially the beautiful wagons.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is amazing. How long have you been collecting these images? Where do you find them? I am so intrigued...

ymwehrer said...

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ymwehrer said...

Has anyone pondered the connection between clown tattoos, more specifically evil clown tattoos, and psychological abnormalities . Especially ones desire to adorn their body with numerous clown tattoos?

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Permana said...

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Anonymous said...

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