Sunday, January 8, 2012

You’re Not Getting Older, You’re Getting Better

(Above) Comfit jar, France, c. 1880 (click for larger views)
(Above) Vivid green berry tray, early 20th. c., Michigan
(Above) Cork beehive, early 20th c., France
(Above) Cheese mold with striking blue paint, early 20th c., American
(Above) Trade Sign, mid-20th c., fragment; American

HOW WONDERFUL IT IS to witness the beauty of things with age, history, or with a long and storied past. What stories can they tell? In this day of Pottery Barn knock-offs, pre-washed jeans and “antiqued” antiques, revel for a moment in some images of objects where time has worked it’s magic. Nicks, chips, scars and cracks—all tell stories of weather, work and time.

An AM repost from 1/19/09.


Kim and David said...

Hi John, trying to catch up on blogging - it's a perfect day for staying indoors and checking out all the posts.

The beauty of aging - if only we looked that great at 100+ years of age. Love the quirky cork beehive.
Stay warm, Kim

Anonymous said...

I totally agree w/ you. Showing real age is better:)

jyoti26 said...

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well said..pointable.

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