Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rare Jean Arp Sculptures Discovered in Attic


But I seriously like this very modernist collection of six c. 1950s Mueller-Ward biology models of cells and other microscopic critters. As a collection, they are really wonderful. All are on individual stands and labeled with metal numbered tags. They are made of plaster, wood and paint and measure approximately 9” tall x 8” across and 5” deep.

They are priced at $595 for the complete set at Farnsworth Antiques, 393 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94103  •  Phone 415.503.1252 or you can reach them by email at:


John Hendrix said...

Hah, you had me on that headline.

Thanks for posting on my blog... did you notice that I'm in St. Louis as well? Stay in touch, love those photos on your site, my favorite? That wonderful pudgy kid in the cowboy outfit. So many great images, you're right. They are real art.

John Foster said...

Great! It's fun— how things cross lines—like the work of Arp/Science Models! I like to call it "when world's collide," the cross references we do to things. Yep— I noticed you live in St Louis.

Linda Davick said...

Farnsworth Antiques on Valencia Street... did you notice that I'm in San Francisco as well?

This is my favorite Accidental Mysteries post ever.

John Foster said...

Oh yea, I remember you are in SF! Your favorite AM post ever? WOW!!

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