Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Random Images

(Above) Button Suit, made by Ruby Ann Kittner; Clinton, Iowa; with original photograph of Ruby and her husband Jake wearing this suit. c 1930 - 1940; dimensions: H 66". Via here.

(Above) Nightmare Town, by Dashell Hammett; Dell Paperbacks #379, 1950; Illustration by Robert Stanley; Via here.

(Above) Philippe Jusforgues: Untitled, (wild purple face with bible and rosary), 2004-05. , 7 x 5 inches, attached to 14 x 11 inch mat board, signed on the reverse. Via here.

(Above) Veijo Rönkkönen, a former paper mill worker, completed his first sculpture in 1961, and now his yard, and the path leading to it, are filled with over 450 statues, 200 of which are self portraits of the artist in Yoga positions he has mastered so far. The statues have loudspeakers hidden inside them, and the sound effects add to the eeriness of this place. Via here.

(Above) Now that automatic weapons are so easy to acquire, tribesmen in the Southern Omo region of Ethiopia have stepped up what once were far simpler conflicts. Another problem with the proliferation of weapons like these? The decimation of wildlife resources. Via here.

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ArtSparker said...

The loudspeakers are distinctly unyogic, I must say.

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