Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paper Plates Fit for a Queen

(Above) Click on any image for larger view.

(Above) Click on any image for larger view.

ART DEALER EXTRAORDINAIRE Joshua Lowenfels discovered these paper plates decoupaged with male imagery, photocopied and manipulated through use of the Xerox machine. Lowenfels says they came from California and are dated to around 1970. Each plate is 9” (diameter) x 3/4” deep.

Individually, these plates were never made to be used for eating on, but as a sculptural art piece about the male gay lifestyle. As a group, these plates present a raw, pop art art centered message with a kind of “Mapplethorpian” twist.


angela said...

FYI: many of those are xeroxes of work by Wilhelm von Gloeden who photographed in Sicily 1880s or so.

John Foster said...

WOW! Excellent Angela, thanks for the info!

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