Friday, May 21, 2010

Ghost Image

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I LOOK FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES THAT WERE NEVER MEANT TO APPEAR. Like this image— which, over the course of 100 years, seeped through to the paper backing on this glass plate image. I love the accidental mirror image we are left with— mysterious and unintended.


Amanda said...

wow - that looks like my grandmother! i have to take a look and see if i have any ghost images lying around in photo albums (or most likely, not yet in albums, but stored in Budweiser boxes!)

Duckrabbit Digital said...

Isn't it interesting how the back of things are often more interesting than the front? Unfortunately, I can't remember the artist's name. But, I recently saw a fellow who did these complex abstract paintings, then turned them around so that the back was what was on display. The paint would seep through the back and create really interesting patterns and shapes.

In this one, I particularly like the colors. Was/ is the original photograph hand-colored?

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