Tuesday, April 13, 2010

R. Crumb: Vintage Works Are Pricey

(Above) This original art is the unused cover image for Zap Comix #5, which was published in 1970 (the published cover was by Robert Williams). The artwork measures approximately 9” x 12” and has been matted and framed to an overall size of 15.75” x 19.25”. This original artwork is listed at US $64,999.00

(Above) This is original art for an illustration entitled Mr. Goodbar Sez..., exact usage unknown. The art is in very good condition, with an image area of 8.25” x 4.75”; it has been professionally matted and framed and lists at US $65,000.00

(Above) This is the original art for a fake ad entitled Canned Busts, which appeared in Weirdo #3, published in 1981. The image area measures 10” x 13” and has been professionally matted and framed.

(Above) This is original art for an illustration entitled Hippie Chick, drawn in 1966, usage unknown. The piece measures 9” x 11” and is in very good condition. The artwork has been matted and framed.

(Above) This is original art for an illustration entitled Some of the Important Energy Centers of the Body (Chakras), exact usage unknown but obviously a sketchbook page, so probably circa early 1960s.

(b. 1943) IS CONSIDERED THE FATHER OF THE UNDERGROUND COMICS MOVEMENT, and by far its most famous practitioner. His best-known creations include Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat, and the “Keep on Truckin’” cartoon, all counterculture icons of the 1960s. Crumb’s artwork is among the most distinctive — and highly valued — ever created for comics. He currently resides in France and continues to draw, recently publishing his version of the Book of Genesis.

Original illustrations for The Book of Genesis are available through his gallery, the David Zwirner Gallery in NYC.

The vintage illustrations you see here are available now at The Lewis-Wayne Gallery via eBay here. All images © R. Crumb.

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Maureen said...

Man, I wish I'd kept those comic books.

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