Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Look Back at Art Chicago, 2010

(Above) Booth of Harvey Art & Antiques, Chicago.

(Above) An 1885 Spencerian drawing of a lion, beautifully flourished by I.B. Carolus, owned by The Hill Gallery, Michigan.

(Above) A tramp art wall pocket with mirror, in Clifford A. Wallach’s booth.

(Above) Fabulous 19th century carved head, male.

(Above) Fabulous 19th century carved head, female.

(Above) One of the best Anasazi pots I have seen in years.

(Above) Carved owl by Ohio self-taught artist Ernest Popeye Reed (1919 - 1985).

(Above) Black Forest carvings of deer (and a bird).

(Above) A haunting street shot by Gary Stochl at the Dean Jenson Gallery, Milwaukee.

(Above) A dealer in the booth of Tory Folliard Gallery adjusts a painting by Milwaukee artist Fred Stonehouse.

(Above) Carved vintage bricks by Chris Berti at Tori Folliard Gallery.

(Above) A painting by Fred Stonehouse hangs above a carved sycamore heart by Chris Berti at Tory Folliard Gallery.

(Above) Twig horse (cast in bronze) by the great Deborah Butterfield.

(Above) Artist Phyllis Bramson poses next to her painting at the Phillip Slein Gallery, St. Louis.

BEST INTENTIONS WOULD HAVE BEEN THAT THIS POST would have appeared a month ago, but I lost track of the disc. But here they are, late but fun. As I meandered around the art fair which was April 30th to May 3rd this year, I made shots of some of things that caught my eye. I have decided to show a few images even though I cannot remember the name of gallery. I apologize in advance for this shortcoming and any mix ups or errors.

If Art Chicago 2011 follows the same route of quality as this year, it will be something to (again) mark your calendars for.


Joey said...


Larry the Artist said...

Love the horse.

Unknown said...

That is not artist Lori Field posing next to her piece at Art Chicago. I know because I am artist Lori Field. The person in the picture is Phyllis Bramson, another artist with Claire Oliver Gallery and she is standing next to her painting.

John Foster said...

Arrrrgh. My humble apologies Lori. Just fixed it. Sometimes, late at night, you just lose it! Of course, it's Phyllis— a delightful person and wonderful artist!

Susan Payton said...

What an interesting blog. Thank you for letting me visit.

Unknown said...

no worries John - thanks for fixing it. Phyllis is one of my favorites.

Stephen Romano said...

i really love Phyllis Bramson'a work, the more i see of it the more i admire her as an artist.

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