Sunday, June 3, 2012

Painting Her Subjects

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ALEXA MEADE IS ON TO AN INTERESTING CONCEPT. By “blurring” the edges between the real world and what has been traditionally a 2-dimensional painting, Alexa Meade has created “virtual paintings,” a sort of reverse trompe l’oeil work of art. Instead of painting her subjects, Meade is actually painting
on her subjects. What occurs is part performance art and a work of art that is to be viewed as you see it here—a photograph. What do you think?

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All images © Alexa Meade.


Becky A. Schick said...

I think it's incredible. What a fantastic merger. I was just teaching a group of little girls yesterday how Seurat created a brand new way to paint. And I wondered how often some "brand new way" comes around. And then today, voila! I like not being able to categorize it.

Louise Bird said...

Incredibly imaginative work,but I disagree with your use of the term `virtual`. The technique is reminiscent of the Pixar use of 3D in cinemas, on a film that is already animated. It appears hyper real , beyond a painting, less life but with extra oomph. Almost a visual paradox, with beautiful elements of Frankensteins monster. Sucessfully guilding the Lilly. Really exciting.

rakuplastica said...

buah, es brutal

Stephen Romano said...

anyone know what she is using to paint her subjects with?

Amanda May said...

These are fantastic! I could not figure out if they were painted photos, or completely paintings. The fact that they are actual painted people took me completely by surprise. Super!

Kenzie said...

This is completely amazing. @amandamay it took me be surprise too! I thought it was a photo that had been painted. Also I went to her website ( ) and it says that it's "acrylic on flesh."

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